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 Why Achieving Together is so important to the Therapy Source Family...

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A new beginning...


My husband and I stepped into Therapy Source in 2018, hoping

to build on the solid foundation and quality services the agency

was known for. We have been small business owners for almost

20 years, providing federally funded services through our

Internationally Accredited organization Quest Provider Services



Our journey in developmental disabilities began more than

18 years ago in the summer of 2000. I was an idealistic young

professional. My brother had Noonan Syndrome and had been in and out of hospitals, therapy appointments, and surgeries since birth. His challenges, and those experiences, drew me to the field of disabilities, changing my life forever. Day after day, seeing his struggles and triumphs, I witnessed everyday transformations and miracles.

Such transformations of children always hold an element of the miraculous; and yet as do most miracles, this one planted and nurtured the seed of miraculous works within my heart. Together, with the collaborative vision of our families and friends, believing miracles are possible, my husband and I decided to stand out above the rest. In 2007, we founded an internationally accredited I/DD (Intellectually and/or Developmentally Delayed) agency. We have been serving children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout North Carolina ever since, strongly emphasizing quality over quantity. 

Our family has grown since then, from two to six. To my husband’s chagrin, we have added four girls ranging in age from thirteen to one. Don’t let him fool you…they are all “Daddy’s girls.” The foundation of our beliefs and the quality of our services, start with one word, “Together.” Whether in our marriage, our business, or our family, impossible tasks were always achievable when we approached them together. We understand the value of “together” and embrace this opportunity to help become a part of your family's success. 

Change can be scary, but we do not want you to be afraid. Our mission is to add our many years of industry and professional skills to the already prosperous and successful company that Therapy Source is today. Business is personal to us…welcome to the family!


~Kate Donovan

Family is our solid foundation

Our Philosophy~

The Six F's of Therapy Source:


Experience leads us to believe that parents have the power to impact the most significant change in their children. Our focus includes the idea that we do not just work with children; we work with families. We are firmly convinced that parent involvement and education is an important key to success. Our goal is to ensure that caregivers are active participants in the planing and implementation of therapy. 


Our goals are determined by what is important to each child and their family. We always start with these two question: "What skill or skills will have the most significant impact on this child? What skills will most significantly impact this child's family unit?" The answers provide direction, helping to plot the course toward greater independence. 


It can be stressful to work on acquiring or restoring difficult skills; we believe that it is our job to make sure your child does not feel like therapy is a job! We use immersive environments, creative play, movement, music, and other unique incentives to motivate children to give their all so they can be their best. 


Excellence in care is our standard. From the first call to the initial evaluation; from treatment to filing insurance claims; from parent education to discharge planning. We strive to ensure each family's experience is exceptional and personalized to their specific situation and needs. 


It is our pleasure and desire to work together as a team, with parents and other service providers, to give each child the most effective treatment possible. We provide a full range of therapeutic services in home based, school based, and clinic based environments to provide continuity of care. If possible and appropriate, we provide co-treatments between disciplines and/or back-to-back sessions to simplify your family scheduling. 


Our agency values are established from our personal values. As owners and operators, it is our faith that forms the foundation for the decisions we make, the way we aspire to conduct business, and our desire to strive for excellence in all we do. 

- The Donovan Family
- In this together
- Making wishes
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