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Occupational Therapy Services
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Our Occupational Therapists work with families to assist their children in learning functional skills such as the development of hand-eye coordination, visual perception, oral skills for eating, coordination of the whole body, and feeling comfortable with positioning and movement of their body during daily activities.

What are Functional Skills for a Child?

  • Ability to remain calm and sleep well.

  • Ability to pay attention in school and/or at home.

  • Ability to play with others.

  • Ability to complete daily self-care tasks such as: feeding, dressing, brushing teeth and hair, and bathing. 

  • Ability to accept and eat a variety of foods.

  • Ability to develop eye-hand skills for reading, writing, and playing.

  • Ability to develop body coordination.

  • Ability to feel comfortable with touch, movement, and socialization with others.


Pediatric Occupational Therapists improve the way your child interprets sensory information, develops strength, endurance, range of motion, balance, coordination, fine motor skills and function, increases independence with daily living skills, and promotes developmental progression.


Our pediatric Occupational Therapists create fun and engaging treatment sessions that interest your child and encourage them to embrace change, growth, and learning. 

We offer multiple specialty treatment options geared to fit your child's needs including PENS therapy, Vital Stim, Handwriting without Tears, Feeding therapy and more. 

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