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Are Physical and Occupational therapy the same thing?


Confused? So many parents have asked us, "What is the difference between PT and OT?" While they are similar in many ways, there are some very distinct differences between each of these disciplines. Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on treating the impairment or injury and helping increase physical function. Occupational Therapy, on the other hand, enhances the child's ability to accomplish everyday tasks in light of their impairment. When you think of "occupation" or job, what comes to mind for your child? A child's job is to eat, bathe, drink, dress, groom, etc. Occupational therapy works on improving these skills sets despite the child's cognitive or developmental challenges. 
While both of these disciplines are very different in their scope and focus, they can also work well together. Pediatric PT can improve muscle strength and flexibility which, in turn, can increase occupational capabilities. Your child may receive an arm brace (physical therapy) as a side effect of cerebral palsy, while simultaneously, an occupational therapist might work on arm extensions and fine motor development to improve eating habits (an occupational skill). 
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