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Coming together is a beginning...

Keeping together is progress...

Working together is success...

~Henry Ford

WorkSmart Program


Therapy Source specializes in recovery management from work

related injuries in all professional fields (factory, technical, industrial,

workshop, etc.) through Occupational and Physical Therapy. The

WorkSmart program is designed to deliver innovative, economical,

and compassionate solutions for the prevention and treatment of

work-related injuries. 


As a locally owned and operated business we understand the 

needs of the business- ensuring a quick and safe return to productivity; and the needs of the

worker- innovative diagnosis, treatment, and recovery solutions that expedite recovery and return to better physical functions. 

Don't get lost in "big business" bureaucracy, come to the specialists that take your business and your recovery personally.  Therapy Source takes pride in offering employers innovative and cost-effective solutions for identifying physically capable candidates, ensuring safe work conditions, injury prevention, and expeditious treatment/recovery/closure solutions. 

Managing the rehabilitation process of an injured worker can be an economic and administrative strain. Therapy Source works with your resources to help ease the burden an injury can cause to your organization. The WorkSmart program offers FCE (Functional Capacity Testing) and Work Hardening Programs that can identify the physical abilities of the injured worker, providing valuable information in the case closure process. 

Therapy Source also understands the emotional stress and financial struggle a work injury can create. Our specialized therapists work with each patient to create an individualized road to recovery and optimized physical function. 

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Performance is our metric

Specialized Hand Therapy


Therapy Source offers specialized rehabilitation therapy through

utilizing a Specialized Hand Therapist. Our hand therapist is a licensed

Occupational Therapist specializing in rehabilitative techniques to

the entire upper limb, including the wrist, hand, arm, elbow, and

shoulder. With the hand being such a diverse and complicated

treatment area - there are only about 6,000 Certified Hand Therapists

world-wide. You can be rest assured your treatment and recovery

options are in "good hands" at Therapy Source 


Rehabilitation- Physical Therapy


Therapy Source has sought out the best therapy resources when it comes to your care. Our treatment team is diverse and highly qualified, ranging from years of skilled experience, specialized certifications, unique treatment modalities, and a doctorate in Physical Therapy Medicine.

Specialized Therapy
At Therapy Source you are family- your recovery journey is very personal to us. Call today to discuss our wide range of services. 
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